WordPress is an open source platform on which you can create beautiful websites or blogs. It is the easiest and most flexible option for blogging. Beginners can also use it for content management systems (CMS).

Here, we are going to describe everything concerning the WordPress website publishing software carefully.


Introduction to WordPress!

WordPress is a website generating software which you can easily use to make your blog or website. Since its establishment in 2003, the brand has become one of the most famous web publishing avenues. Currently, it powers over 70 million websites!

However, WordPress is more than just any other blogging tool. It’s also a high-quality and flexible content system management (CMS). It allows you to manage, create and control your own highly customized blog. The most captivating benefit is that it’s entirely free!


Why Is It Free?

WordPress is an ‘Open Source’ project. Such means that it has a huge number of volunteers from across all corners of the world. These individuals regularly set up and customize the codes and features for the software. Similarly, there are also several plugins, themes, and widgets that allow you to create any website imaginable.


So, How Does it Work?

For many years, the internet has been made through HTML format. Such is a programming language that makes use of instructions called ‘tags’ to customize text, images or page layouts. Your web browser should then have this HTML code, interpreting these cards to provide and show the various topics of an individual page.

You can easily install WordPress on your web server in only five minutes! After installation, you’ll use a quick web-based editor to make web pages without having to use HTML. Also, the WordPress has a hosted version that allows you to create your website in only a few seconds. It is built on an industry-standard MySQL and PHP, making it operate on any modern web server.


So, Why Choose WordPress In Creating Your Business Or Blog Website?


Open Source

WordPress is an open-source system meaning that several people are working to improve the site. As previously mentioned, it is also completely free.



You don’t have to hire a web designer or contact a “webmaster” each time you want to make a minor improvement to your blog. Similarly, you don’t have to learn how to use HTML. You only need some basic knowledge of programs or tools such as Microsoft Word, and you can quickly edit your website.



From the onset, WordPress includes everything you’ll require to make sure that you have a fully customized content. This is important for your blog’s visibility and overall online success.


Gives You Control of Your Content

There are other publishing platforms which limit editing and posting activities. Some shutdown or your website content simply disappears. However, the beauty of WordPress is that you can easily import or export data from different systems like Tumblr or Blogger.



Is WordPress right for you? The blog publishing platform gives you precious resources without having to go through the tedious process of learning how to use HTML systems. In a nutshell, as a business person, you’ll need a fast and flexible platform that helps you save time as well as operate from your preferred location!