HubSpot UK is a superb, state of the art piece of software. It is an indispensible tool designed to allow the online marketer to improve the appearance and performance of a website in a number of ways, each of them with the ultimate goal of improving the quantity of traffic the website attracts. It also helps develop the marketers’ understanding of how to best use the website to get that extra lead and drive sales.

As a UK based Hubspot Partner, I can tell you the platform offers a number of vital individual and distinct tools to the user:

HubSpot Search Engine Optimisation tool helps the marketer to select the best and most pertinent keywords, re-structure the website to promote these specific keywords, and then track the volume and quality of the inbound traffic generated by these keywords.

HubSpot allows this SEO work to be carried out page level, leading to a larger range of high-ranking potential landing pages for your website, which will ultimately increase the footfall that the website attracts.

Tracking the inbound links each page has is also a vital aspect of HubSpot’s SEO tool; this tracking facility allows you to understand the value of each inbound link in terms of the number and quality of visitors it delivers to your website- this information can then be used to identify which inbound links are worth replicating should the opportunity arise.

HubSpot blogging and social media tool is designed to make an easy job of generating blog content. Vitally it also allows you to ensure that this content is properly optimised: structured and tagged appropriately for its purpose, with the relevant key phrases and keyword used an appropriate number of times in the best-performing sections of the text.

This allows you to ensure that the blog content is seen by search algorithms to be as pertinent to your website’s topic as possible, getting the most value from the inbound link that you can. The blogging and social media tool also allows you for tracking and monitoring the performance of inbound links from social media and blogging sites.

The lead generation and lead management systems are designed to allow you to create an environment in which visitors are the most likely to ultimately be turned into a lead or sale. Key to the success of this tool is the ability to split test different versions of the same page and study the effect that minute changes to the layout and design of the page can make on its ability to turn clicks into conversions. Vitally, the lead management system also allows you to integrate your existing CRM and E-CRM systems with your website, so as to close the loop and report across both systems and develop a comprehensive understanding of the state, quality, cost and success of every lead.

Lastly HubSpot allows the user to fully automate the E-CRM system, sending and tracking automated marketing emails. The tracking allows the user to report on the open rate and click rate for the emails distributed, split test creative executions for the emails, and report on the relative performance of different clickpoints within them.