Are you wondering why your website is not getting a lot of traffic? Well, unclean, or poorly maintained company websites would scare any subscriber away. Keep in mind that your online customers form one of your largest customer bases. They order and buy products online as well as make inquiries where they get stuck. If your website is one which is full of problems, this is not attractive to your clients. Eventually, you’ll hurt your business in real life and its online presence.

Below are some of the five compelling reasons as to why your website is receiving fewer online traffic:


1.    It’s Not Mobile-Friendly!

Once you switch on your phone, it’s so easy to get drawn to Facebook alerts. Ignore these messages and log into your company’s website on your mobile phone browser. So how does it appear? Is it formatted to fit perfectly on your phone or is it a zoomed-out view of your phone that makes it difficult for users to see or operate?

If it’s a zoomed-out version, then your company website is not mobile responsive, which is a huge problem. According to a mobile Web U.S report written by similar web shows that 56% of consumer traffic to the top-notch websites in the country is from mobile devices. Google has also slowly increased the importance of mobile friendliness through Search Engine Optimization!


2.    Slow Loading Times

Your website shouldn’t take too long to load as this is so discouraging to your online customers. It is also frustrating and destructive, and users tend to take their eyes elsewhere. Reliable data from KISSMetrics show that 40% of people abandon a site that takes three or more seconds to load. Corey Batt from ClickBurst says ” a one-second of page delay leads to 7% decrease in conversations.”


3.    Bad Content!

Ensure that the topics you post are relevant to your readers. Avoid too much content on your site as it makes online subscribers turn their attention away from you and they end up clicking on other pages. However, posting too much content is not bad, unless it has topics that lack customer engagement. It’s easy to forget that your website is not meant for you but your readers. It, therefore, needs to sympathize with their needs, answer different questions and provide them with the necessary information to help them solve specific issues.


4.    Stocking Photography Everywhere

Poor stock photography has so much in common with posting harmful content. Putting images all over might be fun, but remember your company is not a Pinterest platform. Choose website photography correctly by selecting those that appeal to your business’s target market.


5.    Lack of Trust

Trust indicators are content or design elements that assure your readers that your site is operated and owned by actual people and not robots. Remember that there are criminals on the web who are out to steal your identity and other personal information.

To avoid such problems, web designers use a variety of numbers to show that they’re site is credible and reliable. Include testimonials from past customers and provide certifications from third-party entities!



From the above information, you now have some basic tips as to why your website is not receiving the best online traffic. If you are going through any of the above challenges, then it is important to make the right adjustments!