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Fast Completion

Our websites are built within five
days on average. If you are in a
hurry to get your business
online, then we are the perfect
Website Design company to
work with.

Designed For Small Businesses

Our Packages are all designed for small
businesses, which means we will make
sure your website is high quality and also
affordable. The majority of our clients are
small businesses, our experience with
small business owners means we are
the ideal company to work with.

Expert Design Team

Savor Web is made up of four web design
professionals with a combined experience
of 23 years in the industry, meaning we
are capable of managing the largest tasks.
We have helped our clients increase their
revenue online through their new website,
why not let us do that for you?

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What we can offer you

WordPress Design

Our team are Wordpress specialists, meaning we are able to create beautiful websites for our clients that is not only completed quickly but completed affordably. We work with companies large and small to create websites that bring in customers and works alongside the clients brand.

Web Development

Need help with the back end functionality of your website? We can help. Our team can transform your websites functionality, enabling you to take your website and transform it into your vision.


If your business is struggling online, then make use of our consulting service and we can help you grow online. Our expert team have the knowledge and experience to help you increase revenue and become successful online.

What they say about us

As an entrepreneur, most of my time is dealing with clients, I have no time to sit and spend hours on a website which ultimately will not look as well done than a design company such as Savor Web. The time I saved is worth much more than what I paid Savor web for my websites which is definitely a bonus.

Zack Mills

I required some work done on my Mommy Blog, after I found that there was a high bounce rate and Savor Web had said that this could be of the poor website design. After the new design the bounce rate was 15% less!

Heather Todd

Savor Web helped my small business by creating a very attractive website which attracted the right type of clients. My business is now made up of 75% of online sales, which I am delighted to have.

Oliver Harrison

Meet our team

Frank Shelmire

I’m the CEO of Savor Web, I manage my team to ensure your business gets the website it needs.

Ashley Telfer

I’m the Web Designer for Savor Web, I make the site look pretty!

Mark Templeton

I’m a Web Developer for Savor Web, working on the functionality of the website, the stuff you don’t see!

Mary Foster

I’m the Project Manager for Savor Web, I work directly with clients.

Latest from the blog

5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Visiting Your Website

A common notion about web designers is that they’re quite comfortable. With sophisticated browsers and lightning-fast internet speeds, designers do not have to go through the tedious restrictions of the past. A website is without a doubt an artist’s piece of canvas!

Sadly, such is only true for people who are already vast with the different concepts of web design. If you’re new to the process, phrases such as “CSS responsive system grid” or “Google Web Fonts” are not so simple to comprehend. To help you have basic knowledge of the entire process, here are some basics for web design to set you on the right path:


Grid Systems

Since the introduction of the codex system, the network continues to shape our methods of reading. Several variations, involving the various arrangement of columns and rows have come up over time.

Think of the manner in which images and texts are categorized in newspapers, magazines, and books. You’ll find that such procedures work well when applied on the web interface. Websites which fail to use the grid system mostly go unread. So, do not abandon network systems thinking that you’re creative. It causes more harm than good!


Visual Hierarchy

It is well-known that most people read from top-down and left-right. With such understanding of behaviors, the process requires an improved and sophisticated set of rules. When it comes to learning through the internet, users tend to scan through pages rather than read all the content.

Efficient web pages are created to suit such reading patterns. Here, you simply need to put the call to action, logo, or a captivating image alongside the reader’s axes. They mostly take either a “Z” or “F” shape. As an example, please have a look at this Scottish Web Design Company website. As you can see, they follow the “F” shape.

Visual hierarchy shows the readers the most relevant content to read. Also, include formatting strategies such as spacing, choose a suitable font size and even use colored highlights.


Web-Safe Fonts

In 2014, the phrase “web-safe fonts” already resembled something like an anachronism. In the early stages of the internet, browsers supported a small number of fonts. These were mostly those already fixed in a subscriber’s word processing computer application. Here, once you deviated from these rules, some visitors would end up getting random symbols.

Although there are some websites which do not support certain fonts, the number of web-safe options has steadily exploded because of the incorporation of what is now called @font-face embedding in several web browsers.


Colors and Images

The concepts of image and color placement are not so unique when it comes to web-design. However, you should not overdo them, or it might lead to unexpected results. Keep your images minimal and choose each image carefully!



As an amateur web designer, you don’t have to struggle in creating a captivating and attractive website. But the next step is now to market your website and attract traffic, we recommend you use an company for SEO such as this SEO Company. We asked Simply follow the tips above, and you’ll discover why most web designers feel that the process is not so complicated. You have all it takes to become a professional and renowned web designer!

Thank you to Keep SEO Simple for writing this guest post.



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